Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Our Local Businesses Easier.

Shop Austin County.com is a sister website of Austin County News Online.  We’ve always envisioned a comprehensive online directory where citizens can find all the local businesses in Austin County (and the local businesses in the counties that surround Austin county as well).  We found that there was no central internet location where the businesses could be found.  In fact, many of our local businesses have no web presence at all.  In this day and age it is critical for successful businesses to be found on the web.  So, we created a standalone website with an easy web address that all the businesses in Austin County and surrounding areas could be listed.  And so, shopaustincounty.com was created to fill these needs.

Serving Your Community

We think helping the community is an important feature of our website.  The large chain stores have tremendous resources to pull from when dealing with advertising and customer outreach.  These are resources not usually available to small local stores in a community.  That is where the creation of Shop Austin County.com is trying to make the difference.  We want to try to bring similar digital tools to our local businesses that would normally be out of their reach.  So,

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